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    The future of XHTML


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    The future of XHTML Empty The future of XHTML

    Post by ranga227 on 7/4/2009, 11:26 pm


    A friend of mine in Australia is learning to design and build websites, at a college. His teacher claims that XHTML will soon be outdated, a thing of the past, and that tools such as Dreamweaver, Flash etc. will be all that is needed.
    Any thoughts on this ?
    I did some research on Google but could only find old stories on this subject.
    Thanks for the forum

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    The future of XHTML Empty Re: The future of XHTML

    Post by SoulRed12 on 7/7/2009, 1:05 pm

    I think as Dreamweaver and other web-design software gets more sophisticated, the need to program websites by hand will be reduced. But until that time, (x)html, php, etc. will still be written on their own because of its ability to customize things just to your liking.

    But remember, even when using web-designing software, you are still working with (x)html; the program is just writing it for you. So I don't think (x)html itself will actually become "outdated", at least until someone writes a new language to replace it which I don't see very likely in the near future.

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