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    Post by Tirade on 11/19/2009, 2:56 am

    Has anyone tried out the NIA mouse (Neural Impulse Actuater)?
    If you haven't heard about it its a band you strap to your head that reads some of your brain waves and picks up slight facial expressions, and uses them to controll a mouse on the computer. It was made to give gamers better reaction time. I really want to buy one but I don't know anyone whos tried it out.

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    Post by dixee on 11/19/2009, 3:06 pm

    No. I wouldn't have any use for it. I saw some research for something like this, and essentially it just moves the mouse to wherever you are looking at. If I was always looking where I wanted my mouse to go, I can understand it working. If anything, it looked like something for casual games like click-action puzzles. But, who wants to wear that get-up for just a casual game?

    The way I see it, eye aversions to do something like check ammo would move the mouse right there, causing untold frustrations. In an FPS, this would jack up your aim every time you forgot how many shots you had left or just how bad that last hit hurt you.
    It would be completely impractical in any art application, which I use a lot of. Not only would it be hard to be precise, but you'd always have the cursor blocking what you are trying to look at. That, of course, would be irritating in most circumstances as well. While I'm typing right now, it would suck to have the mouse right in front of the letters as they spill out.

    Not to discourage you, but I have a hard time believing that it will actually help. It doesn't read your mind. It reads muscles and nerves, which is basically the same thing a mouse does. The only shortcut taken is that your facial muscles might not have to move as far as the ones in your arm and wrist. Well, you can train your arm to move faster. Most gamers have. You can make your mouse move faster. I have mine set so that it goes across my whole screen (1280px) in about an inch and a quarter's distance.

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