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    So let's start brainstorming.


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    So let's start brainstorming. Empty So let''s start brainstorming.

    Post by SoulRed12 on 5/21/2009, 3:22 pm

    I know we're waiting to promote these forums until everyone's off from school, but I figure it would be useful to start brainstorming ideas now. I'd post this in the staff forum but either there isn't one, or I'm not a mod yet, or something. i can't tell in this new forum yet XD Well anyways whenever the rest of that gets done I suppose we can always move this thread or something.

    One particular idea I had, if the top ten website thing is too large of a project, is a tutorials oriented forum. The staff and whoever else wants to help out can write a bunch of tutorials for various programming languages in the tutorials forums. Guests can view the forums, and list of topics inside the forums, but they are blocked when they try to view a tutorial topic until they register. That way they can see the tutorials we have, and if one of them is what they are looking for, they can know that we have it but have to register before they can actually view it.

    idk if this would in the long run work, but it's just an idea. So let's all post our ideas for getting more people to come here, and then when school lets out we'll pick one or more of them.

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    So let's start brainstorming. Empty Re: So let's start brainstorming.

    Post by John on 5/25/2009, 12:35 am

    Sounds really good.
    However, I found out that you wouldn't need to create a forum topic for that. I can create an HTML page with tutorials only downloadable to members.

    Also, the only administrator/mod on the site is me.

    I figured that with seven members I should promote anyone yet.

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