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    hello! Empty hello!

    Post by Wazte on 7/12/2011, 11:39 am

    I just came here because I found this awesome looking Mario Creator and I noticed that this forum was much more than just the pogram.
    By the way, My Name is Samuel Blomqvist and I'm a musican. I like playing games and I also like creating games. Currently I'm making games on a pogram called RPG Maker VX. It's very simple. Oh, I and also like playing and writing songs. Mostly hardcore and punk music. Sometimes I put something toghether in FL Studio 10. I also like making GMod videos which I upload to youtube. Here is my youtube account:

    I play most of my games on my PC. I have a Steam account with lots of games on. It's mostly indie games.

    But yeah, That's me Very Happy

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