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    Using a C++ Compiler


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    Using a C++ Compiler Empty Using a C++ Compiler

    Post by ProgrammingLinguist on 1/7/2010, 5:53 am

    In regular programming (the real programming, not that gamemaker stuff), you have a "project". In this project you have all of your code for your program.

    In C++ for example there are 2 main kinds of files. Header files and Source files. Header files are those extra helper (references to game programming are made here so you can understand this stuff better ) and class files such as the Player statistics or that extra random number generator. Source files are your (a reference to a game would be) plots. Your storyline (still referencing a game).

    Source files are your main files and Header files are compliments to the source files. Extra baggage persay. Anyway....

    In the project you always have your "main" file. This is your (as it implies) main file that you will put your main code in. Kind of like the motherboard of the computer (as a reference to computer hardware).

    After entering in the code in your main file go to your compiler menus and look for the word "compile" or "build". This will turn your code into binary so the computer can read it and run the program. If all goes well you will have no errors, if you have errors it will point it out to you to fix. Reading errors can be scary at first but later you can find them to be very helpful and understanding.

    When you "compile/build" your project it essentially makes the .exe file (the executable program) and puts it in the directory of your main file.

    Have fun with that!

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