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    Some great compilers


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    Some great compilers Empty Some great compilers

    Post by ProgrammingLinguist on 1/6/2010, 9:56 pm

    Visual Studio has some of the best IDEs I've seen but they're too complex for simple console applications.

    For windows:

    Visual C++

    Some great compilers Visualc++

    WinForms are something fun to play with. It's a drag and drop interface for the GUI section but you have to do all the coding. After a while you get used to it but there's significant learning curve.


    Some great compilers Devcpp_ss

    A cut down version of VC++ in my opinion. It's a very complete compiler with easy to use features. The project is neatly put into a tree view on the left with the code in the middle and debugging/errors/stuff on the bottom. Lightweight and portable .... well atleast the setup.exe is portable Very Happy

    Quincy 2005

    Some great compilers Quincy2005

    This simple to use compiler is so hard to find on any search that there were literally no pictures of the user interface on the google images page. So i had to take a screenshot of it and upload it via imageshack for you to get a good look. This is by far MY MOST RELIABLE compiler. It does the job no matter what. It's gui features suck hard but other than that, win32 console applications = PERFECT. I can't ask for a better, more reliable compiler than that. The code that had errors on DevC++ had no errors in Quincy2005 (i think devC++ is too strict of a compiler Razz damn header errors). The program was originally part of a tutorial book but now is online, free, opensource, etc you get the point. It's awesome. Great for people who are beginning coding and are wanting to learn more about the language C/C++.

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    Some great compilers Empty Re: Some great compilers

    Post by GZ on 2/20/2010, 2:30 pm

    Use wxDev-C++ instead of Dev-C++. It's an updated version that actually works right on Win7/Vista, and it has a Forms editor.

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