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    The Rules. Please read this carefully if you are new.


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    The Rules. Please read this carefully if you are new.

    Post by John on 4/22/2009, 6:47 pm

    Here are some rules that I hope the whole community will follow.


    Spamming is when a user posts something that has nothing to do with the topic. Usually posted with the intent to bother other members or to be humorous. Whatever the intention may be, spamming is against the rules.

    Your post will be deleted. If you continuously spam then the administration will take more drastic actions such as banning and even deleting your account.

    Flaming is when a user attacks/offends another user. Usually a result of an argument. We're all human so it happens. However, on these forums it would be liked if it were kept to a minimum.

    Depends on how many times a user has done it. Topics may end up being locked because of flaming. If a user is known for being a flamer his account may be suspended and under extreme cases even deleted.

    Pornographic Material:
    Any material containing nudity and sexual activity (including stories). There is absolutely NO PORNOGRAPHIC MATERIAL allowed on these forums. Under no circumstances may a user post such images/text.

    Instant account deletion. Deletion of posted material. If the images posted were those of underage persons the proper authorities will be notified.

    We're pretty lenient on language. One is allowed to curse. Just please try to keep it to a minimum. Drop as few F-bombs as possible.

    Whether you're swearing too much is left up to a moderator's discretion. As is punishment.

    Double Posting:
    When a user posts two consecutive posts. This is not allowed within a time-span of 24 hours. After 24 hours a user may post a consecutive post.

    Double posting shall be treated as spamming.

    Posts containing most letters in caps are not allowed. This is considered screaming.

    Post deletion.

    If a forums rules are not specified below then only the general rules apply to that forum.


    Our competitions will of course have specific rules of their own. Here's a few general ones though:

    1. You may not submit more than one creation.
    2. Your creation must be something made AFTER the day of the competitions beginning.
    3. You may not use any help unless specified in the competitions rules.
    5. Cheaters will be disqualified, no cheating.
    6. Competitions may only be posted by the administration.

    Programming Category

    This section is more for talking about the programs that you use for creating your creations. Not meant for the programming languages themselves. We have a section for that.

    Artists Category

    This sections is just for art. It can be any kind of art wanted. No nudity allowed. Whether it be drawn on the computer or a picture you took or something you hand drew and scanned on to the computer, it's allowed.

    Don't take the restriction on nudity the wrong way. Yes, it is a form of art but sadly the maturity levels of those around us are not always the best.

    Well, those are the rules. If you would like to suggest other rules then just suggest them in the suggestions section. Also feel free to suggest anything else you'd like seen on the forums or taken away. Remember to give reasoning. I promise that your suggestions will be looked at and considered.

    Take Care!


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